ISRAEL: US Presidential Race 76% McCain 24% Obama

In what to me seems like a crucial backstory this last weekend before the election, exit polls in Israel today report an overwhelming numbers of Americans casting absentee ballots are voting for John McCain.

Published by Keevoon Research Strategy and Communications, the poll gives a landslide victory to the Republicans, with 76 percent of the mostly Jewish respondents living in Israel voting by absentee ballot for McCain. That runs counter to a recent Gallup poll of Jewish American voters in the United States, in which 74 percent of respondents favored Obama. Orthodox Jews accounted for 70 percent of the respondents, who voted overwhelmingly for McCain; the 8 percent of secular voters went largely for Obama.

Why could this make such a difference? Israeli Jewish-American voters generally have somewhat different views from U.S. Jewish voters. The economy is one of them. But in my eye, liberal left-wing American Jews like  Sara Silverman seem always to oppose the conservative views of those like Rabbi Twersky. The fact is that Obama and company are prepared to appease the Arabs at any cost, and the O-man has made numerous statements in his somwhat short carreer to reinforce this message. Although the key issue with many Jews in American voters is the economy, there really is only one real issue for all Jews and thats a nuclear war with Iran.

Although it’s easy to dismiss the results of this poll as marginal, there are over 42,000 Americans living in Israel who are registered voters and around half come from key swing states. Yes, the states these same secular Jews claim as Obama’s. For my part, I just hope all Jews will make a smart choice this election so they still may have a homeland after this most tense time passes.

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